How to Stay Focused on Fitness when It’s Freezing Outside

Winter Fitness

When the weather outside is frightful, the last thing you want to do is throw on your running shoes and hit the pavement. For one: it is cold. For two: you might slip on a patch of ice and injure yourself. For three: did we mention it’s cold, already?

However, winter is probably the most important time of year to get your fitness on. Post-holidays, you may have a few extra cookies you need to burn off. Plus, sweating it out now means you’ll be toned and ready when the warm weather finally comes back. There are also a bunch of other benefits like getting in a bit of extra sunlight during the most popular season for S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder).

So how do you stay motivated to work out when you’d rather be at home snuggled under a blanket and drinking a big mug of cocoa? We’ve got the answers for your winter fitness conundrum right here.


Why I Started A Youtube Channel

Why I Started A Youtube Channel || Ready Set Happy

Hi fitsters! I’m here to check in on you and remind you to get a move on your 2017 goals if you still feel like you haven’t totally accomplished them yet. As for me, I’m already well on my way to making new goals for 2018!


Read on if you want to know why I started a Youtube channel.


Why You Should Workout With Your Significant Other

Couples Workouts - Ready Set Happy

It’s well-known that we benefit from a change in our fitness routine every 6 to 8 weeks, but have you ever thought about exercising with your partner as the biggest change in your exercise routine? A lot of you might be hesitant because… we ladies might not want our boo to see us all gross and sweaty or maybe you think they’ll just be a distraction while you want to be in the zone, but there are many health and general relationship positives to exercising with your significant other. I love working out with Andy and we try to go to the gym together as often as our schedules permit it. I also use him as my personal trainer (but he’s really mean to me at the gym — he says it’s tough love — *INSERT EYEROLL*). Anyway, read on and be sure to grab your swolemate for your next gym session!

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10 Fitness Swaps That Makes A Huge Difference

10 Fitness Swaps

If you’re hitting a fitness plateau or simply bored of your current routine, then read on! We all know that it gets harder and harder to see results once your body is used to what you’re doing and it may be time to shake things up with a few easy swaps. Certain exercises are more effective than others and these fitness swaps are recommended with that fact in mind. Make sure to let me know if the comments if you’re making any of these changes to your own routine!


Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin

When it comes to skincare, we tend to rely on products that we apply to our skin to improve its health and appearance. Some of us even have products that we swear by. But truth is, beautiful skin has a lot more to do with what we put into our bodies. Beauty starts from within! 

In the same way that cardiovascular exercise will only be so effective if it’s followed by a pizza binge, skin care products will be hampered in their effectiveness if you don’t supplement them by eating the right foods. Nutrition can enhance and maybe even replace some of your expensive products. It’s simply a case of eating and drinking the right things to help the right cells in your body. Read on to see what you should consume for beautiful skin!


What To Do If You Feel Sore And Tight After A Workout

Soreness and tightness after workout

You don’t always need to feel tight and sore after a workout to know you’ve had a good session. When you’re consistently working out, it’s actually pretty rare for you to feel super sore and tight after. That being said, it can happen. For fitness newbies, it can happen a lot more frequently too. In fact, chances are, you’ll feel so sore that you can barely move your arms or legs sometimes — I’ve definitely felt BROKEN after a workout before… anyone else? 

Serious soreness after a work out, the kind where you can’t bend or straighten a body part properly, is called ‘DOMS’. This stands for ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’. Keep reading for tips to help you to loosen up and stop feeling so tight, as well as hopefully prevent DOMS for the future. 


5 Tips For Outdoor Summer Running + AfterShokz Headphones Review

Outdoor Running

Ever since I ran my first 5k, I’ve been keeping up with running consistently. Who knew I could fall in love with an activity that I used to hate with a passion? Nowadays I try to get in at least 5 miles each week in between lifting and yoga.

I prefer running outdoors but I know a lot of people shy away from that in the summer (the heat is no joke and certainly feels like our bodies are working extra hard). Trust me, I’m one of those people who sweat profusely and turn beet red in the face when I run, so I know a thing or two about what that’s like. I’m going to share with you some tips that has helped me overcome my hesitation for outdoor summer running and tell you about AfterShokz, a wireless headphone that is now part of my must-have running gear. It’s perfect for people like me who enjoy blasting music during runs (hey, music is my motivation!). So continue reading and give these tips a try before you retreat to the treadmill!


5 Foods That Ruin Your Metabolism & What To Eat Instead

Foods that ruin metabolism

Hi fitsters! I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for a little while. As always, work has been hectic and I recently moved to a new home which took up a lot of my time. I’ve been hitting the gym less frequently because of the crazy schedule which means it’s even more crucial that I’m watching what I eat to make sure my metabolism is functioning at its highest potential.

Many of us try to keep up with consistent exercise and eating “healthy-ish” but still feel like we’re not seeing the results we’re hoping for. I mean, we’re doing everything we’re suppose to do right?! Well, certain foods that might seem healthy are actually full of bad ingredients that slows down your metabolism while others that sound bad are actually not so bad (please stop thinking eating fat will make you fat). Read on to find out which foods you should avoid and alternatives to consume instead! 


Why Healthy Living Makes You Happier

Why Healthy Living Makes You Happier

There are lots of distractions in life to make it difficult to know what we want, but many of us can agree happiness is a top priority. Growing up in modern society has taught us to think material things and money equate to success and happiness, but this is not the case. Obtaining happiness is a much more complicated process, and living healthy is a key part of making it a reality.

In today’s post, I want to talk about why taking care of yourself can make you a happier person. This makes sense, but many of us still struggle to incorporate healthy living as a key part of our search for happiness.


How to Power Through the Afternoon Slump

Office Desk Afternoon Slump

Remember when you were a kid and you used to hate the mandatory nap times imposed upon you by your parents or kindergarten teacher? Well, I do, and it’s funny to think about how now as an adult, on just about any day of the week, an afternoon nap would be a true God sent if I could ever fit one in. It seems that every day around 3:00 p.m., almost like clockwork, my mind starts to wander, my ability to focus wanes, and all I can think about is how nice a strong cup of coffee or quick power nap would be.