If you know me, you’d know that I LOVE to brunch. I would literally eat french toasts for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I knew all those carbs wouldn’t kill me. Naturally, my boyfriend learned that brunch is a way to my heart. I’m into great food, amazing ambience, terrific service and prices that wouldn’t put a hole in my wallet.

cornerstone cafe

1. Cornerstone Cafe
If you’re looking for delicious food with an affordable price, this is the spot for you. This has been my number one go-to brunch place. With a plate of eggs, salad, potatoes, bacon or sausage and toast for only $8, the price is unbeatable. My favorite dish here is the Texas french toast which will only set you back $10. You’ll leave with your wallet and stomach satisfied. Just keep in mind this place is cash only.

Buttermilk Channel

2. Buttermilk Channel
Their pork chop with waffles are orgasmic! I’ve heard a lot about this place before finally giving it a try and I was not disappointed! The simple decor was fine with me because of the impeccable service from the waiters. There’s always a line at this place, but it was well worth the wait.

Le Petit Cafe

3. Le Petit Café
This is by far one of the most romantic brunch spots I’ve been to. My boyfriend took me here for our 3 months and it was perfect! It doesn’t seem like much when you first enter, but be sure to make your way to the back garden! The feeling of tranquility at Le Petit Café, along with their healthy menu and fresh smoothie and juices, makes this the must-visit restaurant for fit couples.


4. Jane
There’s always a huge line at this place every time I’ve been there. I learned later that they do take reservations, which is really rare for a brunch spot. So make sure you do that to avoid the 45 minute wait I endured. The place itself looks very modern and classy, the dishes even look extra-presentable. I got the vanilla bean french toast (I really have an addiction), it was deliciously sweet and the texture was perfect! Since I’ve had french toast everywhere, I’m some-what of a french toast snob, but Jane, I approve. Even their healthier options like the Benedict Jane tasted absolutely delicious.

ze cafe

5. Ze Café
Although this place leans a bit towards the pricier side (around $20), the beautiful ambience is a perfect 10. (Definitely ROMANTIC!) Ze Café is garden-themed, relaxing, but still feels fancy and upscale. They’re well-known for their pastries, so don’t forget to try one if you go!

The Wren

6. The Wren
Do you love bacon? Of course you do! The Wren serves up a delicious thick cut bacon side dish and it will change your life. And they also have the best bloody marys in the world. Bacon and booze… What’s not to love?

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