Riviera Maya, Mexico

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for the “Happy Love” section. Don’t worry guys, my relationship is still going phenomenal and my boyfriend and I are still very much in love. We recently got back from Riviera Maya, Mexico, a trip to celebrate my birthday. I must admit, I feel like I’ve found a gem when it comes to my boyfriend. He really knows me so well, sometimes better than I know myself and I constantly feel his love and support through all sorts of situations that we go through in our daily lives.

So in time for 2016 and in the spirit of the holidays, I hope this post will help all those lucky men out there who’s found a great woman. There are certain sure-fire techniques that are guaranteed to make a woman feel loved. If you truly love your partner, you’ll want to make sure they wake up with a smile every single day. Read on for a few tips…

Date like you’ve just met

Hello, honeymoon phase! Everyone knows how exciting relationships can be during the early stages. However, that special spark often disappears a few years down the line. Guys who want to keep their woman happy should make sure that spark never fades. The best way of doing that involves continuing the efforts you made when you first met. So don’t be lazy, arrange date nights, weekend get-aways, vacations and all the fun things you used to do. Just because you’ve been together for a while, that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Obviously, this goes both ways, ladies should be chiming in when it comes to date ideas so your man doesn’t always have to do all the work!

Small gifts are appreciated

No need to be extravagant or gift lavishly, especially if that’s not your lifestyle and not within your means. However, you can always put a smile on her face by being thoughtful. Small and inexpensive gifts can show your woman that you care and that you pay attention and are thinking of her. Silly items like key rings and custom bracelets or sentimental things like a photo frame with a photo of the both of you usually make great thoughtful gifts. Basically, anything that symbolizes your relationship will make her go weak at the knees. If you can afford it, lavish gifts are always amazing when it’s not overboard. 

Make plans to propose 

If you’re with a woman you couldn’t bear to live without, marriage should be on the back of your mind. Make sure you speak about the idea with your partner ahead of time, good to know that you’re both on the same page. The last thing you want is to realize that you guys don’t have the same values and ideals when it comes to commitment. So long as everything seems right, you could plan a great proposal she’ll remember forever. Try to think outside the box and avoid the one knee in a restaurant strategy.

Ask your friends and even better… HER friends for advice if you need help because they are sure to come up with some great ideas (trust me, girls talk about these things with each other). Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s going to be a memorable day. The Ritani engagement rings at Whiteflash.com are fantastic if you’re looking for ring inspirations. Choosing the right ring is critical if you want to win her affections and get a positive response. Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune to impress her, she’d much rather know you put a lot of thought into planning. Do remember, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to rush into marriage because it’s a huge step, only if you feel ready.

Hope some of these tips gave you a nudge or a reminder to keep being affectionate with your partner and continue to make your love blossom. Happy Holidays!

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