Top Hacks For Beating Gym Boredom

Going to the gym all the time can become tiresome and boring. That gym boredom can quickly mount up! But instead of letting it persuade you to stay at home with your buddy Netflix, you need to learn how to beat it. There are a number of ways you can get motivated and excited for your gym sessions again and it is all down to conquering monotonous training. Here are some top hacks for beating gym boredom…

Try Different Classes

Don’t just stick to one activity. No matter how much you love the treadmill, you will quickly get bored with using it if that’s the only form of exercise you have. So while you’re using all the gym equipment, why not sign up for some classes as well? There are tons to choose from, including spin, aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, etc. And if you’re a pure class hopper, you should think about trying out the gym’s machines.

Listen To Good Music

Take your iPod next time you hit the gym and put your favorite playlist on. Listening to music can help to direct your thoughts, preventing any negativity or other distractions from creeping into your mind. It is a good idea to try to match the music to your activity. If you plan on running on the treadmill, create a playlist of upbeat and fast tracks. Don’t listen to anything too slow; it could subconsciously slow you down! But if you are doing some weights, it probably isn’t a good idea to listen to anything too quick either!

Brighten Up Your Gym Outfit

Sick of wearing the same old gym clothes? If so, treat yourself to some new gear. Over time, our athletic clothes can become worn and look really tired, and that doesn’t do much for motivation! So mix up your wardrobe with some trendy pieces from Lorna Jane or get a “Lift, Love, Lift” workout tank top from yours truly and you’ll be eager to get to the gym to show off your new gear!

Find A Gym Buddy

Workouts are fun when you do them with friends. Hold each other accountable and set goals together that are reachable. Having a buddy at the gym also comes in super handy when you need a spotter with your weights.

Secretly Compete With Your Neighbor

If you can’t get a friend to come to the gym with you, you can still use other people to up your motivation. For example, if you are next to someone on an exercise bike, you could sneakily try to see how they are doing. Set yourself the challenge of going faster or for longer than them. You could try this with anyone you see working out in the gym!

So there is no reason why going to the gym should ever get boring. All you need to do is add some creativity and fun to your sessions and you’ll enjoy getting sweaty again!

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