Best Teas to Drink for Stress

Stress, stress, stress – such a common thing that we deal with as New Yorkers. It’s a modern plague that can truly devastate when left untreated. But is medication the right way to go? A lot of people prefer to stay away from manufactured medicine and go for something more natural, and a lot healthier. Exercising is a great way to relieve stress, my go-to is definitely yoga (I’ve been trying to get into meditation as well to calm my mind). Teas of various types are also known to reduce the effects of stress, and the practice of drinking these infusions dates back millennia. So there must be something in it. 

Take a look at the best teas to drink when you’re feeling stressed, and see which one takes your fancy.


Lavender is one of the best-known plants for stress relief. It is famous for its calming properties, and can be found in products such as balms, essential oils, incense, (my fave are candles), and more. It makes sense, then, that this powerful stress reliever would also become a tea. Lavender leaves are full of antioxidants, which is fabulous. Plus there is no caffeine in the infusion at all meaning that a restful night’s sleep is almost guaranteed. As a bonus, lavender tea can aid digestion and calm tummy troubles too.


This slightly sweet, good tasting tea promotes relaxation and takes stress down to minimal levels. It’s good for anxiety issues too, and it is full of antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory properties to keep your limbs and joints pain-free. It can cause drowsiness (which is sometimes exactly what you need), so it should only be drunk at bedtime or when you can lie down for a nap.

Green Tea

Studies have shown that five cups of green tea a day can reduce stress by up to 20 percent. With all its green tea natural antioxidants goodness, it’s not hard to see why. Green tea has been called one of the healthiest drinks on the planet. It’s probably because it contains so many nutrients and antioxidants. It’s increasingly popular, and can be found in many high street cafes now, where once it was a hard to find item.


Valerian tea (or valerian root tea) might be the oldest infusion in the world. Amazingly, it is actually what Hippocrates (the grandfather of modern medicine) prescribed his patients when they were feeling out of sorts. It was used as a cure-all, but even in those (perhaps) more primitive times, it did seem to do the job. And it’s still working for many today. This tea lowers stress levels by reducing cortisol levels within the brain. It even minimizes inflammation within the body allowing for a peaceful night’s sleep.


You can be forgiven for not knowing exactly what ‘tulsi tea’ is since it is usually known as ‘Holy basil’. It is used today as a mood balancer, to put right whatever is going wrong within the chemicals of the body. It has been used for exactly that reason for many centuries. Scientists have been intrigued by tulsi for a while and have conducted a number of different studies on it. They show that this herb supports the adrenal function of the body and also reduced the symptoms of anxiety disorders. As a bonus, this infusion won’t make you drowsy.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed, sit down with a cup of tea. Which is your favorite? 

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