2017 healthy and happy

Are you glad that we’re finally putting 2016 behind us? I don’t know about you but it’s been a tough year for me, even though there were tons of great moments too, I’m ready to rock and roll in the new year. If stress has got the better of you in 2016, it’s time to say so long, and start afresh. Here are some ways you can combat stress and make 2017 your healthiest, happiest year yet.

Manage your time

One of the most common reasons we feel stressed out is a lack of time. For many of us, the clock hands seem to fly by, and it’s a constant struggle to get everything done. Sometimes, we simply go through busy periods when we have a lot on our plates. In other instances, we’re guilty of not managing our time very effectively. If you’re busy, you have to learn to prioritize and also to say no. You can’t be in different places at the same time, or take on more than you’re physically able to. Ask for help or extra time at work if you’re snowed under, and don’t be afraid to say that you can’t manage overtime this month. Keep a diary, and update your schedule regularly. Remember to make time for yourself. You can’t work, look after children, or run around after other people all the time. Always listen to your body and put your health first. 

Be more creative

Sometimes, life can get on top of you, and you struggle to deal with emotions or express your thoughts. Being creative is a really effective way for some people to cope with difficult times or simply let off steam in a way that doesn’t involve hitting a punching bag or sweating it out in the gym. When you’re stressed out, you may feel like your mind is overactive, and it can be difficult to process what’s going through your head. If you enjoy painting, drawing, writing, or even coloring, they can help you de-stress and find calm. Don’t worry if you’re not a gifted artist, the only thing that matters is that you’re enjoying yourself. You can read more about the benefits of creative activities here.

Embrace the power of exercise

If you research effective ways to deal with stress, you’ll find that exercise is mentioned in almost every article, and there’s good reason. This is also one of my go-to methods for coping with stress. Working out doesn’t just distract your mind from whatever is getting you down. It also triggers the release of endorphins and increases serotonin levels. Endorphins are known as happy hormones, and serotonin is a chemical, which improves your mood. Exercising can also give you a physical release, especially if you’re feeling angry or you’ve had a frustrating day. Try doing yoga or Pilates or going for a swim if you want to feel calm and relaxed. If you’re keen to get rid of pent-up aggression, go for activities like kickboxing, martial arts or tennis. If you’re feeling down and you need a pick-me-up, a Zumba class or a trip to the skating rink may be just what you need. To find out more about the advantages of being active or invest in some new workout gear, take a look at  thefitnessrecipes.com.

Take note of these stress-busting techniques to keep stress at bay in 2017. See you in 2017, fitsters! <3

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