How To Avoid Injuries On Your Fitness Journey

It’s called a “fitness journey” for a reason. Fitness is something you do for the long term, it’s part of your lifestyle. With that being said, it’s hard not to pick up an injury or two along the way. However, you can try to minimize the risk of hurting yourself by keeping a few things in mind. Read on for my tips!

Practice Proper Form
Proper form is the utmost important thing you need to remember when it comes to exercising. If you’re not sure how to correctly perform an exercise, ask a trainer at the gym, or do some research online before you begin. Practice without weights first to make sure you’re doing it right and you’re working the muscles you’re supposed to be working. Proper form is crucial to making progress and staying injury free. You see people doing improper form in the gym every single day, and they’re really just doing themselves a disservice!

For example, people will allow their knees to go over their toes during squats, fail to keep their spine in a neutral position, and swing weights all over the place. Don’t be like them, focus on proper form!

Form Over Weight
You’ve heard you need to lift heavy ass weights in order to make progress. While that’s true depending on your goals, form is still more important than weight. So put aside your ego, and use a lighter weight until you build up enough strength and are able to use proper form with a heavier weight.

Wear The Correct Clothing
Wearing the wrong clothes during exercise could easily lead to injury, whether it’s the wrong shoes, or too tight / too loose clothing. For instance, running shoes shouldn’t really be worn when doing squats, as they can make the foot unstable. Flat-bottomed shoes like Converse or Adidas Stan Smiths are great for squatting, but not so much for running. An all-purpose training shoe can be great, but you need to make sure it feels right and suits your style of training.

Also, depending on the exercise, clothes that’s too loose or too tight could be an issue. Wearing something that’s too loose can get caught up in equipment, or you might flash someone during yoga. Wearing something too tight at the gym could constrict the way you move. So be smart and dress accordingly.

Use Appropriate Accessories
Some fitness accessories can make working out so much easier. Armbands for your phones so you don’t need to carry it in your hand everywhere. Headbands can keep sweat and hair out of your eyes. Even professional knee braces can help your joints to stay stable and allow you to workout more comfortably.

Take Rest Days
Take at least one rest day per week to let your body recover. Over training is one of the biggest reasons people get injured. Listen to your body and rest when you’re hitting your limit.

Work On Your Flexibility
Working on your flexibility is just as important as working on your speed and strength. Make sure you always stretch after your workouts. You could even try some yoga to make sure you keep full range of motion!

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