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It’s well-known that we benefit from a change in our fitness routine every 6 to 8 weeks, but have you ever thought about exercising with your partner as the biggest change in your exercise routine? A lot of you might be hesitant because… we ladies might not want our boo to see us all gross and sweaty or maybe you think they’ll just be a distraction while you want to be in the zone, but there are many health and general relationship positives to exercising with your significant other. I love working out with Andy and we try to go to the gym together as often as our schedules permit it. I also use him as my personal trainer (but he’s really mean to me at the gym — he says it’s tough love — *INSERT EYEROLL*). Anyway, read on and be sure to grab your swolemate for your next gym session!

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It Brings You Closer
It’s true what they say! Couples who workout together, stays together. For those of you who have hectic schedules like me, you know it’s hard to find time to do it all. So why not combine a few priorities like spending quality time with your significant other with much needed gym time? Sweaty dates are great because you’re making progress together. The key is to find a gym around me that has good equipment to accommodate both of your routines. 

Friendly Rivalry
Unless you are a couple that is always at each other’s throats, a bit of friendly competition will be more than enough to keep everything interesting. Rivalry and competition can be something that a lot of couples stay away from, but it’s definitely a great way for you to keep each other on your toes. Maybe you want to instigate a bit of competition or see who can run the furthest on the treadmill. This can help to spice up your usual boring gym routine!

It Will Increase Your Attraction To Each Other
Not just in terms of seeing each other exercise, but the benefits of exercise are a rush of endorphins, and there are also things like pheromones that can help with your attraction to each other, and this may result in a better love life at home. Sometimes you are so used to each other on the couch watching TV that seeing your significant other in a different scenario can help you see them in a different light and reignite that fire inside.

The Quality Time
Ultimately, in doing this, you are spending a lot of quality time together. Not only is it better for your lifestyle, but you are actually getting healthier together, as a couple, a trait that you can take outside of the gym and into aspects of your life like cooking, as well as keep an eye on each other to make sure that you are both keeping good habits.

Spending time together as a couple is always great, spending time together in the gym means you will benefit not just from your time together, but it will impact your overall well-being. Again, if you lead a hectic lifestyle, setting aside time to go to the gym together means you will get to spend good quality time while working towards quality results.

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